Vision and values

"We are part of your day"

Since 2012, when we became part of the BÜHLER GROUP, we focus on our values without any compromise, what pushes us forward. This applies to each of us individually as well as to BÜHLER ŽAMBERK company.


Although in BÜHLER CZ we have a really large team, as well as a large plant, we all are one team as we can see in the long-term results of our work.

World-class product

Most of our products can be considered world-class because they are intended for users from different countries where they become part of human production and consumption all over the world.


The common goal of our team and the common definition of BÜHLER GROUP and ŽAMBERK production plant. We place excellent quality of our work and products in the first position of priorities.


Work efficiency is another significant value that enables smooth operation of production in all its parts. Efficiency help us to achieve high targets.


A satisfied customer is an absolutely essential factor in business, therefore we take a very active interest in his exact needs and we feel bound to fulfill them without any compromise.


Social responsibility comes naturally to us and we have strong interest in the future of our children. That is why we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible when producing.