Sheet metal processing

Complete processing of sheet metal parts from laser cutting to bending, edging rolling, MIG/TIG welding to surface treatment by painting or powder coating.

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The perfect interplay of humans and robots in the modern environment through innovation for our customers.
  • We manufacture precise sheet metal products from various material qualities, including processing of stainless steel or aluminum alloys up to a maximum product size of 4 × 3 × 3 m..
  • We use state-of-the-art production technologies with maximum use of welding robotics.
  • We use ecological paints intended for usage in the food industry.



Workplaces are equipped with devices for welding in a protective CO2 atmosphere.

Metal materials are welded using high temperatures. This activity affects the functionality, but also the overall look of the product. Due to the large size of the products, the work of a welder is demanding and require good physical shape.

Production technology
Laser cutting
Sheet metal shaping
  • Bending, twisting
  • TIG, MAG
Surface treatments
  • Wet painting, powder painting
What kind of material can we process?
  • Standard steels, stainless steels, AL alloys