We design and install switchboards
cabinets of various sizes.

We implement the "nerve systems" of the Bühler production process line all over the world.
  • Trained workers daily complete everything from small control boxes for individual machines and devices to switchboard cabinets for entire production technologies
  • Thanks to its flexibility, our production line can meet the standard requirements as well as the special needs of every customer.
  • There is a proven team of test technicians at the end of the design and production process which will check down to the smallest detail so that the customer is maximally satisfied.
  • Following a thorough inspection, our products are shipped to all corners of the world.



Workplaces are equipped with devices for welding in a protective CO2 atmosphere.

Metal materials are welded using high temperatures. This activity affects the functionality, but also the overall look of the product. Due to the large size of the products, the work of a welder is demanding and require good physical shape.

What can we offer
ISO 9001 product quality
Serial and piece assembly
Flexible production system
Personal customer oriented approach