experience day

Visit our factory during Techné event with your family, get to know our employees and, ideally, also take part in the competition.

"Competition for young inventors"

Every year since 2013 we hold TECHNÉ - experience day for youth interested in technology. To young visitors are presented latest workplaces with top notch CNC machines and robots. Under the guidance of experts, they can try their with own hands designing on a computer, turning, milling, drilling or even welding. A series of fun interactive attractions are waiting to sharpen the brain and test the skill of visitors. As part of the presentation of partner technical secondary and vocational schools, participants can discover all possible studies in technical field.

Part of TECHNÉ is dedicated to the of the Skill and Technical Creativity Contest (SZTT) for primary school pupils. Its purpose is to support children and youth who like to use their free time for creative activities using skill and technical creativity.

The next TECHNÉ will take place on 12th November 2022

Soutěž zručnosti a technické tvořivosti

Video footage of TECHNÉ 2021


Video footage of TECHNÉ 2019