Our training center is the gateway for newly arriving fellow workers.

"We actively help new colleagues"

The main task is to show them all the premises, personnel and legislative conditions of the company, depending on their expertise and work focus.

If their current level of education and experience require an improvement they also given a basic introductory course in the practical side. During the course they acquire and consolidate their knowledge and skills before starting a new job in a specific workplace. At the same time, they become familiar with the required work level, create relationships with other co-workers and procedures for dealing with various situations that may arise during their work. Since the very beginning they get a sense of belonging with other company employees.

Another purpose of the training center is the ongoing education of current employees. If the situation requires, the staff is trained to be updated with new production needs, changes and company's current plans. Information from employees regarding their perception of the work process in which they are integrated is important to us. They are vital for the management of the company and subsequent decisions.

The training center is also used for the education of new engineering workers. It promotes school organizations that educate students in mechanical fields. In cooperation with the partner Secondary School of Commerce, Crafts and Services Žamberk, it serves as another level for the practical training of their students in conditions that are identical to the future work focus of the graduates.

Teaching theory and practice