Mechanical assembly

Our assembly workplace ensure conditions for serial and piece assembly.

mechanická montáž
Every day, 5 large trucks leave our factory with our products.
  • • Thanks to our well-coordinated team, where everyone perfectly knows its place, day by day we assemble machines and assemblies for Bühler projects as well as for third-party customers.
  • By high flexibility we ensure an easy and quick transition from piece to serial production.
  • The production history has helped us gain many years of rich experience across various industry segments.
  • Quality, accuracy, a personal approach to the customer and constant investment in development are the values we are proud of.

These are the main reasons why you can find machines with our fingerprints literally all over the world.



Workplaces are equipped with devices for welding in a protective CO2 atmosphere.

Metal materials are welded using high temperatures. This activity affects the functionality, but also the overall look of the product. Due to the large size of the products, the work of a welder is demanding and require good physical shape.

We have experience in assembling
of machines and equipment for mills and breweries
  • grinding benches, sorters, sieves, filters, etc.
machines for the production of chocolate
machines for the textile industry
resistance welders
air cleaning devices