Mechanical cutting machining of parts, including surface treatment or heat treatment.

třískové obrábění
The latest CNC machines ensure maximum productivity.
  • We use the latest progressive CNC technology, including the maximum use of automation elements.
  • We are professionals focused on medium and piece production of complex and very precise parts.
  • Machining of cubic parts up to 1400 × 1200 × 1200 mm, flat parts up to 3000 × 800 × 700 mm and weight up to 2500 kg, rotary parts up to D400 and L2000 mm, respectively. D600 and L1000 mm. Including measurement on a coordinate measuring machine. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction.



Workplaces are equipped with devices for welding in a protective CO2 atmosphere.

Metal materials are welded using high temperatures. This activity affects the functionality, but also the overall look of the product. Due to the large size of the products, the work of a welder is demanding and require good physical shape.

Production technology
Processing method
  • CNC turning machining centers
  • CNC milling machining centers
  • CNC grinders
What kind of material can we process?
  • Standard steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Alloys
  • AL alloys
  • Brass, bronze (other)
  • Surface treatments
  • Heat treatment: refining, hardening, nitriding
  • Galvanic surface treatments: galvanizing...