Bühler Žamberk

"Just doing things better"

Since 2012, when the Swiss Bühler AG bought our company, we have been implementing our plan and developing production of food processing machinery. Bühler is a world-leading company in the field of technologies for the processing of grain into flour and fodder, for the production of pasta and chocolate, but also in the field of manufacturing machinery and equipment for die-casting, wet grinding and surface treatment.


About us

We produce machines components for the production of pasta, chocolate, pet food, but also for aluminum die-casting machines and deliver them in many countries. We employ over 400 people, true experts in technical professions. We appreciate their hard work, we train them, we acknowledge their enthusiasm and the energy they put in their work. We are constantly modernizing our workplace. We use cutting edge Mazak machines at our workplaces, and we already use a significant number of robots in production.

" We are working with the Secondary School of Gastronomy and Engineering Žamberk, when we have been running the metal working field in dual education since 2015. Many graduates stay with us to work, for which we are very happy. We prepare current and future co-workers for individual workplaces in our training centre."

Did you know...

In addition to filters for mills, we also manufacture highly efficient home air purifiers.
Svijany beer is made from malt produced on our machines?
The famous Milka chocolate is produced on our machinery?
We manufacture different types of gearboxes and drive mechanisms, according to the supplied documentation?
Very popular „Grandma's flour" is ground on our machines?
Mills which are using our products are high as a seven-story block building?

Bühler timeline

Establishment of a textile factory in Žamberk.
Molina cotton, technical textiles and similar products are produced.
Engineering production is launched.
Textile looms were eliminated and replaced by machine-tools. Chemical fiber forming machines of the TK series are produced, later components and automation elements for cotton spinning machinery.
Plant privatization
by Swiss Rieter AG company. Purchase of additional CNC machines, expansion of production area. Production of machines for cotton processing lines and automatic robots for operating spindleless machines, gearboxes and drive mechanisms.
Buyout of the plant
by Swiss Bühler AG company. Change of the production program from machines for the textile industry to equipment for the food industry, especially for the processing and transportation of grain and the production of equipment for grain mills.
Massive investment
A new hall for sheet metal processing and surface treatment was built, new machine tools and technologies for sheet metal processing were purchased. A new powder and wet paint shop was built.
Continuous development of the factory
The development of the factory continues. The latest Japanese machine tools and cooperative robots were purchased, the machine shop was expanded, the assembly department was extended, new warehouses were built and old, inadequate buildings were demolished.