Our employees are the key

Over 400 people from our region work with us every day and they are the reason why we the leader in our field.

Thanks to the open minds, skilled hands of our employees and cutting edge machinery top-notch products that meet the highest Bühler Group quality standards are born every day. They are the main key to success: we know it well, and that's why we take so special care. We appreciate the energy, precision, thoroughness and responsibility they put into each of all the specific products heading from Žamberk to the world.

What kind of colleagues are we looking for?

Do you consider a difficult task a challenge? Do you enjoy looking for new procedures?Then we're bound to be together.

At Bühler CZ, we work on various small batch projects. In order to flexibly meet the demanding expectations of our customers, we are looking for responsible colleagues who enjoy their work and want to learn something new every day.

What we do differently?

In our plant the quality starts with having all in order.

We respect this approach especially in the production areas. We want each employee to behave as if the workplace were his own and therefore keep it in a standard condition. The order means also mutual respect and good relations throughout the company.

We just do things better.

We are all fallible and make mistakes, but it is important to be able to learn from them and ideally avoid them in the future. Looking for new solutions and possibilities is our normal way to act, so we are not afraid of mistakes. We always push new measures one step further, we like robotization and process automation.

We love working with graduates

Being realistic means not to expect from all applicants to comply with 100% of the requirements we have for the given position.

This also applies to graduates, who need to familiarize with all the difficulties resulting from the work once completed their studies. It is easier for those who have already completed an internship or apprenticeship with us during their studies, but this is not a condition to start a job.

We know that the point of view of an experienced student can show us a new path, a different perspective, or even a solution, and we appreciate such an opportunity.