Working with youth

We have long-term cooperation with all types of primary and secondary schools

"Create your future with us"

Cooperation with primary schools

in the region - actively with 33 primary schools

What we can offer

  • • Material and technical support of schools
    • retrofitting of classrooms and workshops
    • offering and delivery of metal materials and technical documentation (according to the Catalog of products for practical teaching in elementary schools)
    • long-term rental of polytechnic kits (Fischertechnik, Merkur, Voltík)
  • We enable practical training in the premises of the company
  • We implement project days at school or in the company
  • We organize company excursions
  • We participate in school exhibitions and parades
  • We support scientific and technical projects and competitions
  • Events for children and youth
    • Engineering summer day camp (for now for children of employees)
    • the activities of the Technical Club (from the next school year)

Cooperation withsecondary schools

actively with 10 secondary schools and vocational schools - on average 40 trainees during the school year

We have established a professional workplace for practical teaching of students and graduates. In the production areas, they work on top-class machines and robots. Our goal is to educate quality experts. Quality means to us more than quantity.

What we can offer

  • We offer a scholarship for good academic performance
  • Pay for productive work
  • Gaining experience in a pleasant and supportive team
  • Possibility of part-time jobs during summer and throughout the year
  • We preferentially hire skilled school graduates for full-time employment