Open Day with a 10 year anniversary celebration


On Saturday 11th June 2022, after four years, we opened the doors of our company to the public once again as we organized an Open Day meeting.

This event was also related to Friday's visit of the Bühler AG top management from Switzerland, which was warmly welcomed in our beautiful and tidy factory. We were proud to have the opportunity to present to the visit our company, where our colleagues could show off how excellent are their abilities.

The Open Day with its subtitle "10 years with you" was a huge celebration where we wanted to demonstrate our work and results. Once again, we proved to be a clean, well-functioning and healthy company based on qualified and skilled people who like and enjoy doing their work. And we really did it.
We officially started at 9:00 in the morning, but already at 8:00 our former co-workers, who are already retired, were present with the company director to see how the company has grown. Lot of them gathered in the factory and they all praised our effort. After years they were allowed to meet their mates and reminisce about good old times, what is always so nice. We greatly appreciate our retired former colleagues.

Since the early morning the enthusiastic guest kept coming. Everyone who signed in at the entrance was given by our colleagues a bag with a pencil and the Open day program. For the children we prepared balloons and some candies. This time, the visitors walked the route at their own pace with the possibility to ask our colleagues in case of interest or questions. In this way they were able to see the production hall of the machine shop, sheet metal production, incl. welding shops and paint shops to finish their trip in the assembly hall, where many entertaining attractions were prepared for both children and adults.

Of course, there was also a lounge for special guests accompanied by general manager of the company.
Visitors could try, for example, a 9D cinema, a VR walking platform, a flight simulator, a laser shooting range, a VR racing simulator, electric wheeled vehicles, robotic toys, tabletop mega tablets, projection attractions and much more. The whole event was presented by the well-known actor and entertainer Michal Kavalčík, who is known under the nickname Ruda from Ostrava, who was actually amazing.

The performance of beautiful aerial acrobats who demonstrated their skills on hanging scarves and cube was also incredible. The show was completed by the band O5 and Radeček, who had their one hour-long performance, which was attended by a lot of people. The local leisure center ANIMO and TKAC Technology Club Albrechtice also provided their activities.

Of course, the last few days have been really intense with a rough workload to make everything happen perfectly. At Bühler, we are all a part of one team, where every one is important and every one deserves a big appreciation for the work, effort, willingness, patience and loyalty.

On this sunny summer Saturday, 2066 people visited our company. It was wonderful to see how all our operations are filled with interest, good mood, positive recognition and children's laughter. And that was the best repayment for us as we enjoyed the whole day and everyone found his own way.

We thoroughly enjoyed and celebrated the big and important day of our company.

Jana Škopová, 14th June 2022