Gift donation to volunteer firefighters


On Tuesday 10th May 2022, representatives of the rapid response unit of the Žamberk Volunteer Fire Brigade took over a new external defibrillator from our company.

As part of our sports event named "Open-air action for a good reason", when our employees walked, ran or stepped on a total of 12,447 km during January and February, we raised a nice 115,000 CZK. Part of this money we used to contribute to purchase this handy device.

It is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and it´s used as an integral part of basic emergency resuscitation. An AED is a microprocessor-controlled device that can be operated by both untrained and trained first responders. After switching on the device, the rescuer is immediately guided by voice and visual guidance. Through the AED, it is possible to give a controlled electric shock - defibrillation, which can restore a normal heart rhythm. Among other things, the device is capable to evaluate patient's heart rhythm and heart rate.
The standard price of this device is around 60,000 CZK. Thanks to the unique offer, we were able pay only 40,000 CZK. 
We are pleased that we could contribute to such a nice project and we believe that if only one life would be saved, the investment was superb.

We wish you great success in your challenging work.

Jana Škopová