Bühler is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Žamberk


On Friday 10th June 2022, Bühler CZ celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Žamberk production plant integration into Bühler Group.

Employees from Žamberk, representatives of the city and region and of the partner school based at the castle were invited to attend the celebrations. Of course, there were also representatives of the Bühler Group top management from Switzerland. We were proud to have the opportunity to present to the guests our company, where our colleagues could show off how excellent are their abilities.

In 2012, Bühler AG took control of the Žamberk production site which was previously belongin to Rieter and was producing machines and parts for the textile industry. Until 1990 the factory was a part of Elitex manufacturing group and was producing spinning machines and winding equipment. In 1994, the company became Rieter Elitex, and in 2004 it was renamed simply to Rieter.

Initially, Bühler started to produce products primarily aimed for its Milling Solutions division, including filters, airlocks, vibratory dischargers, but also industrial switchboards and many other products. Over the years, the production range grew up so as the importance of the production plant in Europe. Today, Žamberk has a central role in Bühler's production network and is a leading example of applied production technologies such as robotics or automation.

We can be proud of ten successful years in Žamberk and look positively to the future as well. Our factory is a manufacturing plant that manages a large product portfolio, the plant is thoroughly organized and responds flexibly and innovatively to all challenges and changes. We can efficiently produce cost-effective and sophisticated products.

In Žamberk, Bühler mainly manufactures machines and products for the Bühler group, but 20% of the capacity also belongs to third customers, for example for the textile and automotive industries. End-to-end production from material procurement through machining, sheet metal processing, surface treatment and final assembly, including inspection and punctual delivery of finished goods in Bühler quality, makes the difference between this plant and others and makes it decisive among Bühler sites. The variety of jobs and professions offered by the manufacturing plant goes hand in hand with the size of its factory production range.

The Žamberk location is constantly increasing its importance and its Bühler network. All this thanks to dedicated and highly qualified employees. For the region, the Žamberk plant is a beacon in terms of apprenticeships and cooperation with local institutions. Žamberk will therefore continue to play a central role for Bühler's European locations. For this purpose we constantly need well-trained, dedicated and loyal employees and specialists.

Jana Škopová, 14th June 2022