Our vision:


Since 2011, when Bühler AG a Swiss-based company – took over our plant, they have begun to fulfil their intention to implement and develop the production of machines for food processing here, and enlarge the plant´s production capacity.

Currently, we supply components for the production of pasta, chocolate, pet food, but also machines for aluminium die-casting, to customers worldwide.

We employ a staff of more than 400 people, mostly specialists in the technical field. We appreciate their precise work and hold, in great esteem, their verve and energy which they invest in the specific products.

We have modernized our workplace. We´ve built a new production shop, a new car park for use by our employees. The new production shop is equipped with metal sheet processing technology such as cutting and bending, and also a powder coating and liquid coating shop. Part of the latter are two large-area offices for the engineering department staff, a present-day canteen for company staff, and changing rooms for workers. Ninety painters, welders, locksmiths and engineering and servicing staff members highly appreciate the new working environment.

We´ve made arrangements to improve communication within the establishment, and we are about to start refurbishing the indoor areas of the other shop halls.

In cooperation with the Secondary school for commerce, crafts and services in Žamberk, we are involved in the deployment of a new branch of business - that of a Metalworker. Current employees and those to come are trained at our training centre in the performance of their specific work.

In particular, what we are manufacturing:

  • Various types of gearboxes and drive mechanisms, based on manufacturing documents made available to us
  • Robots for spinning machines for use in fabric production lines
  • Coiling equipment for synthetic fibre production lines
  • Transport systems for yarn production and yarn processing lines
  • Parts of machines and production lines for food production and processing
  • Machine parts, components and assembly units made in a small series based on the provided documentation

Do you know that....

  • ... Milka chocolate is made using our machines?
  • ... the popular "Grandma flour" is milled using our machines?
  • ... we are the largest manufacturer of semi-automatic robots for fabric processing?
  • ... we manufacture differential gear and gearboxes for the Tatra brand cargo trucks?
  • ... the grinding plants we supply our products into are of the size of a seven-storey prefabricated building?


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